Our Ride through Missouri

Our time in Missouri was brief, but was surprisingly easy. The first stop was the Gateway Arch. We were too late to get to the top, but it was still pretty magnificent to see from the bottom.

It does photograph quite nicely

It was hard to capture the whole thing in one image. The giant arch is located in the middle of a beautiful, urban park, across from the Mississippi River. I’m glad we got the chance to take a leisurely walk through.


After that short bout of sightseeing, we went to dinner at Hamburger Mary’s. I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned it before, but I have gotten sooooo into Drag Race this year. Watching All Stars 1 introduced me to the burger chain that only exists west of the Mississippi.


We walked in, knowing it was show tunes night and that reviews gave the service very few stars.

We sat at the bar and order two strawless waters and two impossible “Buffy” burgers. The show was cute and entertaining, along with the sparse crowd. I was pleased to get some of the queen’s references (Book of Mormon and Nightmare on Elm Street).

When the food eventually came, the fries were way overdone, but OMG that burger! It was amazing! Like, seriously, the best burger I’ve had in a very long time. It was objectively good.

We enjoyed more of the show as we finished our meal and got our last view of a real bathroom before heading to a primitive campsite.

We got back to the car that we parked very cheaply and went to one of Missouri’s many state recreation areas that offer free dispersed camping. It was a bit buggy and pretty hot, but we made it out with a few mosquito bites and suction cup marks on our backs.

The next morning, we freshened up in a McDonalds bathroom before visiting the Missouri State Capitol. The outside was kind of disappointing because of renovations, but the inside was charming and appeared more progressive than I expected from such a red state. But then again, many don’t practice what they preach.


I was also pleased to have found the cutest post office I’d ever seen where I mailed my first postcards of the trip.

From there we crossed into Kansas where we learned about the harsh, still-present Missouri-Kansas rivalry. Though we didn’t get to compare Kansas City-s, we are a bit biased toward Kansas.


This drive through Missouri was short, but scenic. You really never know what’s out there until you check it out yourself.

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