Being Green On the Road

The exciting news is that I’m currently in Colorado on a long road trip! The less exciting news is that Greg and I are trying to be budget-friendly and eco-friendly.

In terms of saving money, we are attempting to do the whole trip with only staying at free campsites and at friends’ houses along the way. We are eating out minimally, using it primarily as a morale-booster. We’ve been making easy meals like sandwiches and overnight oats with the occasional quesadilla or tofu pup on the camp stove. The biggest issue we’ve run into so far is feeling dirty between showers.

When it comes to being eco-friendly, we’re trying our best. Greg uses bandanas instead of tissues and we’ve tried to buy some foods in bulk to save on packaging.

Before we left, we took five empty Teddy Peanut Butter jars to Wegman’s to get filled with cashews, pepitas, peanuts, and banana chips. We checked with customer service first to make sure they could tare the weight of the heavy jars so we wouldn’t pay for more product than we were actually getting.

After going through the whole process of filling and paying for the jars of bulk food, we were off. I checked the receipt and something stood out to me: the small jar of cashews cost $14. I refused to suck it up and pay for this confusion, so we returned back to the customer service counter.

Though it took many minutes and awkward moments, we finally got our tare-d prices. It saved us $16! That was a mistake worth saying something about. As we stood there feeling like a burden to these people, we realized this is another cost of trying to be eco-friendly.

Living green – like actually living green – involves a lot of awkward moments of telling the waiter you don’t want a straw and the Taco Bell person that you don’t want a bag for your food. It might also involve getting out of the drive-thru line at McDonalds when they tell you they can’t put iced coffee in your reusable cup. These are big prices to pay for some people wanting to live a greener life, but I’m happy to deal with these moments.

Yes, we eventually get what we want and need, but it might take a little longer.

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