Senior Week in Acadia National Park

My three best friends (and senior roommates) and I decided to have one last hoorah in Acadia National Park during Senior Week. We made the 6-hour road trip with a stop in Freeport for ice cream and a boot before arriving in Blackwoods Campground. We had two nights, but barely two days and wanted to make the most of our time.

We set up camp, then headed to Sand Beach to catch some waves and walk the short path to Otter Point. It was v windy, and my memory card filled up almost immediately. This made for an interesting and creative endeavor of figuring out how to continue to use my new camera without deleting many existing photos. (And thank j for that timer setting.)

Successful second attempt using a stack of backpacks as a tripod

We ventured along the path, climbing on rocks at Otter Point and Otter Cliffs. I had coerced Sally into bringing a blazer so we all could take nice LinkedIn profile photos. Some of these turned out surprisingly great.

Recreating a moment from my September trip

We had dinner as the sun set along a pull-out on Park Loop Road: three-bean salad and a peanut butter sandwich. The evening was spent trying to get a campfire going until we felt defeated, but sufficiently smoke-scented.

Taking our friendship to new heights

We accidentally woke up at 8AM the next morning, much later than the intended 6AM. We headed out to take on Precipice Trail. Unfortunately, it was peregrine falcon nesting season, and we had to skip ahead to the Beehive.

More LinkedIn photoshoots atop Beehive

After Beehive, we did the Gorham Mountain Trail with a few, short detours through the Acadia trail system.

Forced family bonding

From the car, we went to Jordan Pond House for those iconic popovers. Somehow, they were closed for a private event! Very disappointed, we retreated to the car where we had hummus sandwiches and fig newtons. We decided to take a walk around Jordan Pond and perhaps check out a carriage road. The pond was a lot bigger than we anticipated and nixed the carriage roads. We also decided against hiking the Bubbles due to fatigue and lack of morale.

North and South Bubble by God, the greatest carpenter

We went back to the campground and had an early dinner and early s’mores. We spent time playing the nearly impossible National Parks Trivial Pursuit. After a sad attempt of a nap, we drove into Bar Harbor with the intention of finding some bioluminescence.

Looking for coffee and snacks, we found fire pit to warm up around. Along came some students of the College of the Atlantic who seemed to think the water would be too cold for the bioluminescence we craved.

After a soft pretzel, hot chocolate, and two slices of pizza, we found success in our second docking attempt. In the perfect darkness, we reached our hands in and saw little sparkles of light in the water. Having had no expectations, I was very pleased with this natural light.

When we looked away from the sea, we saw a sky full of stars. It was impressive compared to everything I’ve seen in the Northeast, but nothing like Death Valley and Amboseli National Parks. There we were, four years of college and friendship in the bank, lying on a dark dock in Bar Harbor, Maine looking up into the universe. There was something beautiful about it, but also very sad. It really felt like it was the finale of our friendship.

The next morning, we packed up and hit the road, checking out Cadillac Mountain before leaving the park.

It’s other-worldly

The drive back seemed to take forever. We made a pit stop to pee in the Maine State House, then had lunch in Portland. Hot tip: all of the State Capitols I’ve been to have been free to enter and have had easily-accessible bathrooms. Plus, they’re beautiful.


This trip was amazing and really felt like a friendship retreat. We spent some quality time together before having to say goodbye.

Putting the camera in someone else’s hands


Leaving you with a quote that’s been on my mind:

If you really want to know yourself, it will come at the price of knowing no one else.” Cosmic Hero, Car Seat Headrest

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