Senita Athletics Leggings Review

When I first discovered these leggings, I thought I had to have them. As I minimize my wardrobe, I’m looking for high-quality pieces that have multiple uses. Nice, black leggings can be dressed up or worn on a cold-weather run.

These leggings are high-waisted, and they have pockets! And they’re under $40? They must be amazing!

I had the high-waisted pants in black on my Christmas list this year. While I was waiting, I couldn’t resist trying out a pair of the Amara pants in sleek black. I got both of these in my usual Medium.

Sight-seeing in Pittsburgh in the 6 degree weather

The Amara pants weren’t high-waisted, but still came up pretty high on my waist. At first, I was turned off my the fabric. The sides were made of a smoother, thinner material which was fine, but not cold-weather appropriate. The principal material, however, was less of a wicking fabric and wasn’t very soft. I cringe as I type this because this is the kind of material that catches on my fingers when my skin is rough. I very much so had to repeatedly pull these up, but I don’t think a smaller size would have been comfortable. I hoped that the high-waisted ones I expected would stay up better.

Hiking for the sweeping views of the Pioneer Valley

The high-waisted pants were underneath my tree this Christmas, and I excitedly wore them to see the Wombats in January. This was their first big, night out.

I was disappointed, again, with the fabric. Yes, it has pockets, but the whole thing was made of the same catchy fabric as the others. Did they stand the test of an hour of dancing? No. They fell down relentlessly, just like nearly every other pair of leggings I’ve ever had. Though, they looked perfectly fine, I’m no longer satisfied with having to sacrifice comfort.

Though they’re convenient, I wouldn’t recommend these leggings to someone looking to ever actually run or workout. They didn’t pass my multi-use test.

I’ve really tried to get use out of them, but my biggest complaint is that neither pair stays up.

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