A Quick Trip to Montreal

As my college days are numbered, my good friends and I want to take advantage of our close proximity to some of the Northeast’s coolest and most beautiful places. Because of our placement on the rowing team, our weekends are usually devoted to races. This past weekend was our first “free” weekend since the beginning of March. (I saw free, but we still had practice.) In this free 36-hour period, we decided to go to Montreal.

Who knew there was essentially a European city only 5 hours away from Smith?

As soon as we finished up Saturday morning, we grabbed the boyfriends and hit the road. I took a solid nap through the entirety of Vermont, but woke up for the lovely border crossing.

We drove to our Airbnb in Montreal-Est, then took the metro downtown. With a brand new camera on my hip, I realized I had left the battery in the charger – it was completely useless. However, I didn’t let this cramp my style since we were not making good time for good lighting.

We first stopped off in Atwater where we ate at the vegetarian chain, Copper Branch. We somehow ate at chain restaurants the whole time. They had a very sad poutine and a very vegan sandwich.

Up next, we headed to Old Montreal. It was already past sunset, but there was just enough light to appreciate La Basilique Notre-Dame.


We then headed toward the water for a scenic walk. We came across some interesting alleyways and bridges, but were too tired to continue very quickly. The metro took us back to our Airbnb where I fell asleep instantly.

The natural light woke me up before 6:30, so I started researching breakfast places. I landed on a place called Cora Cora with their fun-looking omelette-burger. I waited for the rest of my cohort to wake and forced them out the door.

At the restaurant, I was greeted with a “Bonjour” and answered their question of how many with a “quatre.” That is where the French-speaking ended for me.


After brekkie, we packed up and headed to Mont Royal for the morning. We rolled up right before the rest of the tourists and took in the beautiful views.



We decided to end our time in Canada with a stop in Poutineville. Yes, another chain. Despite this fact, the poutine was amazing, and I dream about it daily. With fresh curds and a nice, vegetarian gravy, those fries were coated in love.


Thus ended our weekend abroad. We made a quick stop at Tim Horton’s and crossed the border. I like adventures, and this one fit perfectly in my ideal senior spring.


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