Coloring eggs for Spring

I believe it has been 10 years since the last time I colored eggs. It was an Easter tradition that I enjoyed as a creative outlet. While at Aldi the other day, I couldn’t resist buying a kit and a dozen eggs.

I realized that eggs are supposed to be hard-boiled before they’re dyed, but I’m not the biggest fan. The last time I ate them was right before I vomited atop Mount Fuji in August. As someone who tries to produce as little food waste as possible, I didn’t like the idea of wasting a dozen hard-boiled eggs since my roommates are vegan. I settled on the absurd idea of dying raw eggs.

I set myself up for a quiet night in, watching Boo! A Madea Halloween and putting down issues of the Daily Collegian for mess control. I dropped the color tablets in our 500 Hot Chocolate Run mugs and waited for my eggs to take the dye.


I will admit, they had to sit in their cups for longer than usual, but the colors turned out vibrant. I’m pleased with a set of colorful eggs I could still scramble or use for baking.

As someone who doesn’t celebrate Easter, I consider this a recognition of the beginning of Spring. It’s finally staying light out past 7PM now!

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