That person dancing at concerts

I’m that person. I used to make fun of them, but I’ve since realized that they are simply having a good time. What’s wrong with that? Many of us are insecure. Though I no longer suffer from this ailment, I understand that it is difficult to confidently move one’s body with arms over their head.

Recently, I caught a free Mowgli’s show at the Wolf Den in the center of the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. (Western Mass is within reasonable driving distance of many amazing concert venues.) It took a group effort to agree to stand up and dance rather than sit in the seats provided. Once I was up, I jumped up and down and shook my torso vigorously until San Francisco was over.

In getting there early and lining up for the free show, I made acquaintances with my fellow fans. The blindly dedicated are easy to bond with. The best part about the free show? It was FREE. I didn’t pay a penny for my access to great, live music.

Because this hobby can be expensive, it is a nice relief to attend the occasional free show. Somehow the last two free shows I’ve seen have both been the Mowgli’s, but I’m not complaining at all. Spending money to have a good time is not great, but sometimes it’s necessary. Going to a concert is like attending a party in which you are the DJ. At real parties, even hosts have little to no control over the music. Popular opinion wins in large group settings, so paying for a ticket to your favorite artist gives YOU the control.

Maybe having control over the music will give you the confidence to dance with your hands over your head. Moving from a place of judgement and insecurity to a place of confidence and contentment is very satisfying.

(Enjoy the unrelated photo of a natural bridge in Bryce Canyon National Park.)

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