Friday Favorites #7: Netflix Documentaries

I’m easily inspired by real people doing things. Very general, yes, but this is why documentaries are so inspiring to me.

About a year ago, my boyfriend and I used free tickets he got for Christmas to visit the Boston Museum of Science. We had tickets to see something called National Parks Adventure in their IMAX theatre. This beautiful 40 minute doc exposed me to the images of National Parks I had only heard the names of. I had no idea that Yellowstone had so much (Icelandic) beauty to offer or that Yosemite was literally a magical fairyland.

Seeing this short film gave me the idea to throw some irons in the National Park Service fire. The next day, I was sending out requests for internship info to the parks I was vaguely familiar with. The rest is history. I spent an incredible six weeks in Death Valley National Park and visited 10 others.

I had no idea one year ago that this seemingly minor documentary would inspire an internship, vacation, and perhaps a career. With its recent addition to Netflix, I want to cover some of the docs that have really given me the feels lately.

  • National Parks Adventure

As previously stated, the forty minutes of beauty between credits are the reason I am where I am today. I feel so fortunate to have seen this when I did, and I hope it can have a similar effect on many others who catch it on Netty.

  • Minimalism: Everything that Remains

What an eye-opener for me to our world of consumerism. I refuse to buy any more clothing unless it is quality, and I have gotten rid of so much stuff since I first watched. Every once in a while, I watch it again to become re-inspired. I read the book to which it is a companion, and I’m not the hugest fan of their particular brand of minimalism, but it’s a great way of getting one’s foot in the door.

  • Before the Flood

The Bae Almighty, our lorde and savior, Leonardo DiCaprio. This flawless dad-bod-ed specimen traveled and researched to provide evidence of climate change. The wonderful thing? IT’S NOT TOO LATE. We can prevent further damage, but it’s something that EVERYONE has to buy into. It’s also been thrown in my face how many food I must stop eating because THE EXTRACTION OF PALM OIL IS SO DETRIMENTAL TO THE ENVIRONMENT.

  • Expedition Happiness

This was a Sunday morning special and a little more basic than what I normally go for. With the intention of driving from Canada to Argentina, a young couple attempts a journey in a renovated school bus. (It could have been better used as a mobile market, amirite?) It gave me some ideas and made me want to visit more places on THIS continent.

Netflix is p much my ride or die. What are your favorites?


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #7: Netflix Documentaries

  1. Ah Lisa I agree with these, minimalism and Before The Flood are great examples, we showed Before The Flood at our community cinema. I would also add Food Inc and Bea Johnson’s Zero Waste Home (short vids) , you can get both through YouTube for free.


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