Friday Favorites #6: Movies

My movie taste is diverse and changes with my mood. I’m a sucker for re-watching movies a million times, but I like to float among genres when the mood calls for it. January was a rom-com-dram time for me, but now I’m easing back into the horror genre I covet most. My individual favorite movies are eclectic and hopefully full of surprises.

1. Say Anything

This is the best love story I’ve ever seen. Lloyd Dobler is the greatest boyfriend/husband character (he does have some competition with Jack Pearson) and has ruined men for me. This movie has some excellent quotes and never fails to impress an audience I force it upon.

I’m looking for a dare-to-be-great situation.

2. Cruel Intentions

There is something about this odd movie; the quick (at times, disturbing) romance is really entertaining. Young Reese Witherspoon is very charming and young Ryan Phillippe is not bad. The soundtrack is so 90s and grungy; it makes me happy.

3. Halloween

This classic movie easily puts me in the autumn spirit (yes, it’s a thing), but it is so well made. The series brings me a lot of nostalgia as I spent many hours watching youtube videos and the anniversary documentary as a tween. I’ve gone through many phases in my life, but horror and Halloween have remained constant since I was 12.

4./5. Disturbia/the Exorcist

I can’t remember exactly, but either Disturbia or the Exorcist was my first ever horror movie. Because of this, they both hold a special place in my heart. Disturbia is something I’ve rewatched up to six times in one day, at times with the commentary on. The Exorcist is such a classic and really introduced me to the old school horror world.

Some honorable mentions are:

Every John Hughes movie, every John Cusack movie, every slasher movie released in 1981, every Netflix-original movie, and every movie in which Leonardo DiCaprio has earned a large sum of money.


Are you a film-fan? Do you have any favorites?

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