Does ignoring cultural phenomena make you cooler?

I don’t watch football. In fact, I mostly only watch sports live. When I saw WALK THE MOON recently, the energy was amazing due in large part to the Eagles’ game that was happening in the same city. Regardless of my interest in football, that energy felt AMAZING.

I’m the type of person who makes jokes about forgetting that the super bowl is happening. Because I’m so far removed from football and that sect of toxic masculinity, it makes sense that it’s not a big thing on my mind. But, does it make me cooler to ignore this huge thing that’s happening?

I never paid much attention to the Olympics until London 2012. After convincing myself to watch, it was magical to see Michael Phelps in his last (but not actually) games and to watch the US athletes take home gold in beach volleyball. Ignoring these world games only gave me fewer connections with my peers.

Same with the solar eclipse, political debates, etc. Some events carry more meaning or cultural significance than others, but there is value in feeling that we are part of something bigger. These phenomena create bonds and connections with our friends and peers, and that is how we truly get to know ourselves. I believe that we find parts of ourselves in others, so if the super bowl encourages that, why criticize?

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