WALK THE MOON @ The Fillmore

Talking is Hard was the album of the end of my first year at Smith, so I have have very happy associations with the music. Even after the semester ended, I fondly recall running every morning of a Disney World trip to “Portugal” and “Avalanche” (and Blurryface which seems like lifetimes ago). Just a few weeks later, I watched them perform these songs at Firefly Music Festival. Though very exciting, I was standing in mud and very far from the stage and seemingly from civilization, so I had a hard time enjoying myself during their early-in-the-day set.

My enjoyment of that album had staying power, and I was thrilled with their new album, What If Nothing. When their tour was announced, I was certain I had to catch a show. Being at home for January placed me within two hours of Philadelphia, so this seemed like a given. Though I don’t know why my mother detests driving to Philly, I know that she once offered to drive me to Niagara Falls to see Arctic Monkeys rather than taking me to their Philadelphia show. Up until hours before this WALK THE MOON show, she was still trying to talk me out of going.

I made the two-ish-hour drive just fine despite the giant football game happening in the same city. I paid too much to park and waited in line briefly (wow, do I hate waiting in lines, especially for concerts). A few back-spasms later, the show began.

Because of my negativity, the opening act was forgettable, and a lovely drunk couple forced themselves into the space next to me right before the show started. A shared hatred of them created a bond among myself and the others around me, so that was nice.

WALK THE MOON’s set was really quite amazing. I often expect crowds to go into shows like this one only knowing the most popular songs, but most people seemed to be fans and familiar with most songs (I can be very snobby about things like this, and I don’t like it).

I love it when bands tell a little story about a song or its creation because it makes me appreciate it so much more. The lead vocalist, Nick Petricca, explained that “Next in Line” was written about them waiting for their “turn” to be a well-known, well-loved band, hence it has been stuck in my head for the last 12 hours.

My concert experience was surprisingly really good. Though I was alone, I stood my ground and managed to have space around me to freely move my arms. In the times that I do have a bad experience, it is usually entirely avoidable. I tend to let the actions of others bring me down, though I have the power to prevent that displeasure. I did a good job at this show of living in the moment.

Though I love to have fun, I’m also the type of person who pops balloons if anyone dares to start hitting them around. I didn’t pay $50 to attend a rave, I’m here to view what I can of the stage. And don’t get me started about beach balls… This is why I might not be a festival person.


Have you attended any fun shows lately?

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