Friday Favorites #5: Shows I Repeatedly Binge-Watch

Though I prefer to always be on the move, I get used to being on the couch while at home or school. While reclining, I consider it productive to watch as much streaming programming as possible. If I’m going to spend my time doing basically nothing, I might as well achieve some contrived goal I never needed. I wish I read more, but I am too easily distracted these days, and TV allows me to heavily multi-task.

I’ve realized that I value watching TV so much because it has always been something my mother and I do together. This has given it great value in my life.

Here are my top picks/repeat offenders:

  • Parks and Recreation

I’m pretty sure I was forced into watching the show initially, and the first two seasons are pretty bad, but I fell in love with it after Adam Scott and Rob Lowe joined the cast. The characters are so original, and I really related to Leslie Knope’s vision for progress. As someone hoping to be a public servant, I respect her character’s dedication to making Pawnee a better place.

Work hard at work worth doing

  • Gilmore girls

In fifth grade, I accidentally caught the beginning of a few episodes as it was in reruns on ABC Family after Sabrina the Teenage Witch. After hearing some kids in school mention it, I decided to give it a try. During this era, the easiest way to watch old episodes of a show was to purchase the very expensive season boxed sets. Each month, my mother allowed me to buy one season (seriously, though, they were $40-50 each). Thinking about it now, I don’t think I actually had seen the sixth or beginning of seventh seasons when I watched the last few episodes air on the CW. It simply was not accessible at that time. I can watch this show forever and not get bored. Stars Hollow is a home in my mind, and the characters feel like friends from a past life.

  • 30 Rock

So good, so funny. 30 Rock doesn’t get nearly enough credit for its humor. I still find myself quoting Tracy Jordan. Of course, I have seen the series nearly ten times all the way through, but those jokes are so good.

Tracy: Orange and black decorations? Is this Halloween or Princeton Parents’ weekend? I don’t know whether to be scared or proud of my cousin.

Kenneth: It’s Halloween, sir.

Tracy: Proud it is.

  • This Is Us

I gave this a try during a moment of weakness and a TV rut. Jess Mariano (see above) is a beloved old friend, so I had to see something that Milo Ventimiglia plays a big role in. The first episode had me – it was heart-breaking and warming. I was smiling, then uncontrollably sobbing. It’s an emotional roller-coaster that gives me hope in some strange way. And Sterling Brown is incredible and deserving of every award.

  • Community

I haven’t stepped back into this one in a while. I watch the Halloween episodes every March through October and the Christmas ones every December, but I need to give it a proper run-through. I have some excellent memories of watching new episodes as the network stations scrolled through school closings at the bottom of the screen. Oh, to be young and get something out of snow falls again.


What have you been watching?

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