Kombucha: I’m so cultured

Back in May, Greg and I used his remaining (600) dining dollars to buy snacks for our road trip from the UMass cafe. To use up the money, we bought a bunch of $6 bottles of kombucha. I recall sipping it on the highway in Wyoming and comparing it to a mixture of wine and beer. (I believe all alcohol tastes like poison, so this was no compliment.)

Earlier this semester, I was tempted to try it again after reading more about its health benefits and craftiness. I tricked myself into liking it by associating it with good things and happy times.

I became so interested in kombucha that I decided to try making it myself. The process seemed straightforward, and the instructions are all available online.

I bought a scoby and a glass gallon jug and got started.

Giant scoby

The proportions for a gallon-sized container are 12-14 cups of tea, 1 cup of sugar, 2 cups of kombucha (or distilled vinegar to get it started), and the scoby, a gooey disk made of microorganisms.

After it has brewed for 7-12 days, it can be flavored and bottled.

I was excited to follow recipes I found for flavoring, things like lemon-ginger, blueberry, and pomegranate juice. However, I discovered that I was more impressed with my raw kombucha than the ones I had flavored.

I reuse glass bottles and use tape to mark their flavors.

I’ve decided, I would rather play with the teas I use than the flavorings. Having a peppermint or berry-flavored tea impacts the flavor of the brewed kombucha more than I expected and without juices, the final product is less sugary-tasting.

Everyone has their own taste, but I prefer my kombucha to be less sweet and more vinegar-y. The longer it brews, the more vinegar-y it gets. I wouldn’t wait a whole month like I accidentally did last month.

I taught myself how to like the drink and now I’ve taught myself how to make my own. The feeling of accomplishment when I sip my own home-brewed kombucha is amazing.

Whether it be bread, baked goods, or a home-cooked meal, making something for oneself is an excellent creative outlet.

How she looks when she’s busy brewing


How do you let loose your creativity?

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