Friday Favorites #4: New music!

~music is my life~

There have been some really good songs released from my favorite artists recently, and I would like to shine the spotlight on them for a moment.

“I Know You,” Craig David ft. Bastille

I’m pretty obsessed with anything Bastille does, and this song is the latest of many. I watched a live performance of this song four times the other day. It doesn’t hurt that Dan Smith is perhaps the most attractive person I’ve ever seen (it’s really his lyrics; I feel like they’re written directly to my life experiences).

“World Gone Mad,” Bastille

This song is on the soundtrack of the new Netflix-orig action movie, Bright. It’s so good, and again, the lyrics are some of the best things I’ve heard in my life.

And so, you wanna make some money?
You wanna make some money
So, you wanna be somebody?
You wanna make some money

“Press Restart,” Walk the Moon

I associateĀ Talking is Hard with the end of my first year of college. I listened to “Avalanche” on repeat during finals and loved seeing them at Firefly. Their new album is quite good, and I recommend everyone give it a listen. My current fave is “Press Restart,” but “Surrender” is a close second.

“Turn,” the WOMBATS

I have this thing about Sophomore year. Those were the glory days. I was really into the WOMBATS that year, and I saw them at Christmastime. They’ve released two singles from their upcoming album, and this one is so good, I can’t get over it.

“I like the way your brain works”

“Beach Life-In-Death,” Car Seat Headrest

I love the real-ness of Car Seat Headrest. This is a re-release of an older song, and it talks about the singer’s experience as a gay man. I love how honest he is. His music makes me appreciate the more indie garage-y sound.

What songs have been on your mind lately?

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