Seeing a favorite band – FOR FREE

The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, as a huge school, hosts concerts each semester. I was shown an advertisement to their Fall 2017 concert, and they were hosting the Mowgli’s! Though poorly, very poorly advertised, I was thrilled to attend this free concert.

Though I’m at UMass quite often, I did not see a single ad for this show until four days before. The Mowgli’s have gotten me through some tough times, and their song, 4AM, got me through my spring break training trip to Georgia last year. I have paid to see them twice, and one of those times, they were only an opening act. This is a group of artists I am very fond of.

The only advertised time was 7:30 – no information about whether that was the door time, or the opening act time. I rolled up a few minutes after, too late to be one of the first 50 people to win a meet-and-greet: another thing that was not advertised at all.

I don’t know if it’s my impatience, but I rarely enjoy opening acts. This one was a group of five Brandon Flowers-wannabes, but maybe I was too eager for the main act. After I dragged four people along, we were front-row and ready to jam to the happy, hippy tunes.

Let’s get this straight: I love enjoying myself at concerts. It’s about listening to the live music, but also about being comfortable being yourself. I sing along to every word that I know, and I dance with both arms up. I used to judge people who I thought were performing or being over-the-top, but there’s no need to judge someone for having fun. Now, that’s me. I’m the one who gets weird looks for having fun, and I’m very okay with that.

The Mowgli’s came on stage, and I was happier than I had been in a while. It was evident that I was one of the few people in the crowd who was familiar with their music. My enthusiasm for their music gave me an “I love you” from the lead singer and a few points from the female lead. Aside from some drunk girls screaming “Play San Fransisco,” (don’t worry, I shut them down) it was a really, really, great concert experience. This one will stick out in my memory the same way seeing Grouplove at the House of Blues in Boston does.

I’ve seen my fair share of concerts, and they’re usually incredible. When I say that I frequently go to concerts, I’m not playing around; I attend about 8 a year. I believe in spending money on experiences rather than things. Traveling and seeing shows are within the realm of possibility, instead of spending money consuming goods I’ll never use.

I will be seeing the WOMBATS and Walk the Moon in the next month – I’m stoked!

Have you seen any good concerts lately? Do you have any upcoming shows?

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