Holiday Gift Guide for the Average Human

I find it entertaining to read gift guides, especially when they are geared toward some general part of the population. My absolute favorites are from the very poorly written college blog site which are typically aimed at “college girls.” They include such consumerisms as “if it’s Nike, just buy it” and “you could never have too many mugs.” From personal experience, I know that not everything from Nike is quality, and one can, indeed, have too many mugs.

This is my guide of gifts that are useful and are not wastes of money.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 10.34.24 AM

  • Concert/event tickets

Experiences are the best gifts to give. I believe that buying memories is more important than buying things. Music is a huge part of my life, and concerts are my favorite way to spend my time and money.

This jacket is a down-alternative that really keeps me warm. I have a detailed history with Patagonia’s nano puff series. I started out with the 1/4-zip pullover, but it was too warm for me without a full zipper and not convenient without pockets. I then traded it in for the full-zip with a hood. The hood was in my way, and I decided I needed a bigger size to wear a sweater or a fleece underneath. I finally traded that one in for a bigger full-zip in a beautiful blue color.

Warm socks that stay on your feet are a must. These can come from many good brands, but I’m linking these Vermont-made ones. I bought them for my boyfriend last Christmas, and he has spent a year loving them.

I can’t imagine Spotify that isn’t premium. The days of limewire and youtube-to-mp3 are over, and I couldn’t be happier. I love music-streaming services, and Spotify is super user-friendly. Music is so big for me, and Spotify makes it easy for me to access it!

I constantly have dry lips, but Burt’s Bees has helped me out for years. Peppermint is my favorite when it comes to lips, candles, and tea.

  • A good pair of sneakers

Whether you are running or walking, comfortable sneakers that will last you a while are necessary. I’m very much so not a fan of Nike, but most brands have a few pairs of sneakers that are worthwhile. I’ve been loyal to Asics and their supportive shoes, but HOKA ONE ONE are tempting me with their thicc soles.

  • A quality water bottle

Water bottles are easy to find and are given away like pens nowadays. I like Nalgenes because they’re big and tough.


I like to think of Holiday gift-giving-and-receiving as a transaction in which everyone comes out with something that adds value to their life. Because I already have these essential items, this year I asked for bigger-ticket items that will last me forever. These include:


What will be under your tree this year?

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