It’s the Holiday Season!

I really love celebrating my two favorite seasons: Halloween and Christmastime. I also love to start early.

I love those memes joking about how it’s “almost Halloween” in March, but in an entirely genuine way. As summer goes from a pleasant change of pace to an annoyingly sweaty season, I begin my Halloween preparations. Spiderwebs and bloody window clingings go up as the temperature (too) slowly goes down. I ease into watching scary movies more frequently until it becomes mandatory that everything watched on the TV is somehow horror-related.

The fun lies in the preparation. In getting oneself into the Halloween season, we are celebrating the holiday early. I love the crisp Fall air as the leaves begin to drop, the spooky decor, and the anticipation. The day of Halloween itself ends up being far less exciting than the weeks leading up to it.

Because I love Halloween and Christmas in their own ways, I think of Halloween night as the finale of the spooky season as we welcome the warmth of the yuletide. For the past two years, I have ceremonially played a Christmas song at midnight, the morning of November 1st. Though many others are not okay with it, I begin my Christmas preparations immediately on November 1st.

As much as I love Halloween, Christmas has my heart. In an entirely secular way, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Community put it best when Annie said, “It’s the crazy notion that the longest, coldest, darkest nights can be the warmest and brightest.”

I believe that Christmas is a warm and happy time to deal with our Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I’m happy to buy into it wholly. The lights, the decorations, and especially the music make so feel happy and whole.

(When half of my roommates were gone) I decorated our apartment for the season. Seeing the red and green reminds me to smile, and I look forward to the Hallmark Christmas movies waiting for me when I return in the evening.

The time to celebrate is now, not on December 25th, a day which tends to be disappointing for me.

To those of you who celebrate, have a Merry Christmas season!

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