Restaurants and how they’ve offended me

A restaurant, in this day and age, at the very least is listed on Google. More likely than not, it also has a website or Facebook page with its hours listed and a handful of reviews. Many even have online menus handy. We live in a progressive world.

Unfortunately, technical advancements cannot prevent the incapabilities of humans. People are bound to screw something up every once in a while – but it seems to happen very often to me.

Of course, there are those fabulous occasions when I forget to pay attention to a restaurant’s hours – I’ve definitely shown up on the wrong day or before a place opened for dinner. Although I’m certainly to blame for some of my misery, there are a few remarkable times in which the blame fell on someone else.

I had an extraordinary evening this past summer at the end of a long day on the road. We were hungry and nearing the empty town of our Airbnb. We had planned ahead and found a vegetarian-friendly Vietnamese restaurant. I even called ahead to ensure they had vegetarian pho – our favorite dish. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a note on the door stating that they had run out of noodles and had to close early. Though we were happy to have an explanation, this was the most absurd thing to us. (Saigon Noodle House, Merrillville, IN)

In looking for a replacement dinner option, I discovered an exciting place called Cafe Fondue (same location). After driving the backstreets of this strip mall town, we found the dark cafe – dark as in no lights were on. Inexplicably, the cafe was closed; it had never opened that day. No note, no holiday, it was just not open for business.

After being disappointed in myself recently for not planning ahead and checking restaurant hours, I made sure that a nice-looking Ethiopian restaurant would be open for lunch. We were hungry and made sure to be busy until half an hour after they were set to open. Excitedly, we walked up to the door and were sad to see that it was locked. The lights were off; no one answered our knocks. We were stuck to find vegetarian food elsewhere in a very expensive city with limited connectivity. (Selam, Bergen, Norway)

Does this happen to anyone else? Is it some sort of bad luck that seems to fall upon me?

One thought on “Restaurants and how they’ve offended me

  1. Yes. Things like these have happened to me, but typically at fast food restaurants. The KFC that has no more chicken. The Wendy’s that’s run out of baked potatoes. Either way, they’re just as annoying as what you’ve described.


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