101 in 1001

Start: July 20th, 2017

End: April 16th, 2020

I’m sure that I will deviate from this plan, but 1001 days from now will be right after my 24th birthday. I have no idea where life will lead me, so I have no definitive plan for what I will be doing then, but it’s exciting to think about. It seems like a lot of time now, but it will go by so quickly. If anything, making a list like this is helpful because I can spell out what my personal goals are.

  1. Visit all of the lower 48
  2. Visit all of the Great Lakes
  3. Visit five new National Parks
  4. Hike to the top of Mount Washington
  5. Visit a new continent
  6. Go on a multi-night backpacking trip
  7. Summit either Mount Kenya or Mount Kilimanjaro
  8. See the Indian Ocean up close
  9. Go skydiving
  10. Go zip-lining
  11. Go bungee jumping
  12. Go paddle boarding
  13. Go kayaking again
  14. Sell your kayak
  15. Go on a multi-day bike trip
  16. Go skiing
  17. Go snowboarding
  18. Learn how to skateboard
  19. Go sailing
  20. Learn how to surf
  21. Go horseback riding
  22. Leave a 100% tip
  23. Read twenty not-for-class books
  24. Learn how to actually use your DSLR
  25. Go to five new countries
  26. Eat vegan for a week
  27. Make your own bubble tea
  28. Attend a fad fitness class
  29. Attend a hot yoga class
  30. Go roller skating
  31. Go ice skating
  32. Go bowling with the whole friend unit
  33. Attend another multi-day music fest
  34. Take the LSAT
  35. Get rid of ten pairs of shoes
  36. Go to a Rhode Island shore point
  37. Visit Cape Cod
  38. Visit Martha’s Vineyard
  39. Visit Nantucket
  40. Camp in Acadia National Park
  41. Visit the San Francisco Bay area
  42. Run a full marathon
  43. Run three more half-marathons
  44. Do a triathlon
  45. Donate blood
  46. Complete a 5.10 climb without hanging
  47. Visit Pandora – the World of Avatar
  48. Make dinner for your group of friends
  49. Host a dinner party
  50. Host a Christmas party
  51. Visit Sally in Kansas
  52. Have friends come home with you during a break
  53. Start saving money for a new car
  54. Visit two more wonders of the world
  55. Buying a backpacking backpack after proving need for it
  56. Find perfect hiking boots
  57. Go on a spontaneous overnight road trip
  58. Return to Iceland
  59. Meet up with a friend you made abroad
  60. Successfully propagate five succulents
  61. Finish an 18 hole round of golf
  62. Learn how to swim for speed
  63. Learn how to do a swim flip
  64. Learn how to play tennis
  65. Attend a national/international sporting event
  66. Deadlift 250 lbs
  67. Run a 7 minute mile
  68. WWOOF somewhere you’ve never been
  69. Volunteer with a new organization
  70. Digitize DVD collection
  71. Regularly back-up files for six months
  72. Donate money in friends’ names for holidays
  73. Get a drastically different haircut
  74. Don’t shave your armpits for a month
  75. Floss your teeth daily for a month
  76. Give away all unnecessary Smith Crew shirts and spandex
  77. Treat a friend to a birthday meal
  78. Go on a day-trip bike-ride picnic
  79. Score an internship for your Master’s program that makes you really happy
  80. Visit 3 clear-water beaches you’ve never seen
  81. Make watercolor paintings for your friends
  82. Make watercolor thank you notes for college graduation
  83. Go for a spontaneous autumn walk
  84. Get rid of jewelry you don’t wear
  85. Completely declutter your clothing
  86. Only reuse old notebooks for the rest of your college career
  87. Listen to an album you’ve never heard everyday for a week
  88. Only check email once a day for a week
  89. Turn your iPhone off for 24 hours
  90. Go a weekend with no TV/computer
  91. Journal everyday for a month
  92. Don’t eat out for a month
  93. Make your bed everyday for a week
  94. Read every night for a month
  95. Get rid of coats you never wear
  96. Continue volunteering after graduation
  97. Have a weekly family dinner for a semester
  98. Watch five documentaries you initially have no interest in
  99. Message a different old friend everyday for a week
  100. Go on a Facebook fast for a week
  101. Do a no-spend-except necessities month

3 thoughts on “101 in 1001

  1. Hi Lisa. Good List. I’m much older than you and so have done some of the things you listed. I remember when I was trying to learn to flip at the end of a swimming lane. There is some technique to it (you don’t just roll over). If you figure it out it will make lap swimming much more enjoyable. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


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